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Lookers and Bookers   Alexander Svensson and Gabriel Frendberg

Lookers and Bookers

132 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Travels belong to one of the most easily sold online products, and out of all the online trading from business to consumers it is the very most common kind of e-commerce. Consumers go online to access travel information for different reasons. Lookers are online visitors to travel sites, but when it comes to the actual booking they prefer to do it in a traditional way. Bookers, on the other hand, are those who not only browse/look for travel information on the Internet, they also make bookings online. Depending on how involved consumers are in a purchase, four different stages are passed through more or less thoroughly in the decision process. The purpose with this book is to examine and describe consumers'' attitudes and perspectives regarding online travel booking and how it differs from online looking for travel information. Furthermore, how a strong brand name and how the complexity of the travel affects the consumer''s booking behavior and the decision making process of high...
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