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Incoming tourism marketing communication in Lithuania   Kestutis Kliunka

Incoming tourism marketing communication in Lithuania

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A year of 2009 is exclusive for Lithuania because of such reasons as the 1000 year anniversary of the name of Lithuania; Vilnius was granted the European capital of culture. And what is more important that all this happens during a worldwide economic recession which includes Lithuania as well. Lithuania appeared in the center of world media which gave it a chance to introduce itself to the world and form a positive image as well as increase its popularity along with the number of tourists. However, according to statistics, the year 2009 shows a decrease of tourism by 17,5 % comparing to year 2008. Until 2008, the number of incoming tourists to Lithuania was on a constant incline. The situation opens a question - is the present economic crisis the only aspect to blame for this decrease in tourist activity?
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