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Marketing of Geo textiles in Pakistan   Asad Rahman,Farrukh Ahmed Soomro and Raza Mehmood

Marketing of Geo textiles in Pakistan

64 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Geo textiles have evolved as an integral part of the Technical Textile Industry. It adds value addition and has a great export potential. It has been used since ages, dating back to era of Egyptian pharaohs as a support material in mud made huts to the modern roadways, civil and military constructions. Today we see a lot of varieties of Geo textiles product for different applications with only one thing in common that is its worldwide demand is increasing. Our aim is to bring about awareness among the industry, further more to make a marketing and feasibility report for Geo textile products that should be produced in Pakistan. In-order to increase textile export portfolio of Pakistan Textile industry. Additionally enhancing the exposure of the Pakistani manufacturers to explore the vast value added market of such products.
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