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Improvement of Marketing Strategies within Mendil Industries   Alexandru Panuta

Improvement of Marketing Strategies within Mendil Industries

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This thesis discusses the methods of how marketing strategies within a business entity can be improved so that they fit the modern market requirements. The theoretical part of this thesis covers such issues as marketing history and orientations, the marketing mix, advertising, international marketing and other relevant topics. The practical part is an analysis of a Moldavian company, Mendil Industries operating in the construction industry. The company is a new one on this market, and that is why a lot of problems have arisen regarding the company''s operations. In this thesis is included a financial analysis of the organization where some of the most important indicators are calculated such as the profit, the debit-to assets-ration and others. Finally, the thesis includes some recommendations from the author to the management team of the company related to the tools or the strategies that the company should implement in order to penetrate the Moldavian market and even the...
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