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Adoption and diffusion of mobile services in rural Punjab   Abhay Jain

Adoption and diffusion of mobile services in rural Punjab

224 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Emergence of advance mobile phone services in India has demonstrated a phenomenal spurt in the growth of tele-density of the country, but the increasing gap between the urban and rural tele-density has become a serious concern for the policy makers. No doubt, rural markets are growing but growing at a very slow pace. Imbalances in infrastructural availability & accessibility in rural areas can be considered as one of the major hindrances behind the lopsided development in rural India. But various policy initiatives are on the way to reduce this widening gap, which in turn, leaves the impression of tremendous potential for growth in the rural areas. To make the adoption and diffusion growth possible, the companies are constantly facing certain challenges in tackling rural market viz., understanding rural consumers, reaching products and services to remote rural locations and communicating with vastly heterogeneous rural audience. This book provides the ground realities of slow adoption...
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