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Retail   Jagadeesha M.


140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
I intended to share my 17 years of FMCG industry and 2 years of academic experience with regards retail industry trends, contribution and growth with reference to global economy, especially in Asia and African countries retail business opportunities and growth prospectus. It is a good reference to further research as well as a guide to new entreprenurers who wish to do business in African countries. I hope my efforts towards encourage new younger generation to become entreprenurers as well as those who wants to be academicians after completion 15-20 years of successful tenure in industry. My first target group is students of Marketing and International Business discipline especially from developing and under developing countries and African Universities. My second target group is lower and middle management sales professional from FMCG sector. Because these are the people having aesthetic ambitions in their professional life, to achieve this they need proper inputs and I hope their...
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