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Online Marketing for Tour Operators and Travel Agents   Milena Krumova

Online Marketing for Tour Operators and Travel Agents

172 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this computer age a business has to opt for online marketing or offline marketing and in the most cases stick to a blend of the two. The Internet revolution has led to significant changes in the way travel agencies interact with customers. A better understanding of how customers interact with online services will help providers improve service quality to levels that satisfy or even delight customers, and thus create loyalty. Business Travel Agency a new company, licensed tour operator in Bulgaria, specified in hotel reservation, airline tickets, leisure holidays and excursions. Unfortunately, it has hard difficulties when it comes to the promotional campaigns and online innovation trends in the sphere of Travel and Tourism. Therefore, I decided to do the research and report on this subject, which will be useful and very interesting for them and for all tour operators all over the world.
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