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Customer Based Brand Equity of Oil Marketing Companies in India   Rekha Attri

Customer Based Brand Equity of Oil Marketing Companies in India

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For a Brand to have value it must be valued by the customers.Brand equity is an asset of the company which is intangible and depends on customer brand association resulting to brand loyalty. India's oil market has so far been dominated by Public Sector Oil marketing Companies especially in the marketing of petroleum products. The customer behaviour that has intrigued the marketers and researchers for long, has been the indifferent behaviour exhibited by fuel consumers while making choice amongst these three public sector oil marketing to refuel their vehicles, one due to no price difference in the petrol marketed by oil marketing companies and secondly there is no perceived quality difference communicated to the customers. This research is an attempt to understand the customer based brand equity with the Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies with special reference to the city of Indore.The research highlights the level of brand awareness, perceived brand quality, brand association and...
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