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How to approach Doctors?   Michael Stros

How to approach Doctors?

304 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The pharmaceutical market is experiencing significantly increased research and development costs, as well as price and other competitive pressures. At the same time, marketing expenditures are increasing significantly in comparison to product development costs, meaning that the use of marketing in the pharmaceutical sector is of considerable interest, pressurising pharmaceutical companies to increase their marketing expenditure and the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Despite the increased popularity in research into pharmaceutical marketing, there are still many undiscovered areas, particularly as most of the research has been conducted in a non-state-regulated market. Therefore, this study explores the Swiss market as an illustrative example. The results of this scientific study lead to relevant implications for marketers, policymakers and researchers. Practical suggestions for future research are given. The study presented in this book originates on dissertation...
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