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Effect of Country Image on Consumers’ Hypermarket Patronage Intentions   Gongjian Kan and Gerard Cliquet

Effect of Country Image on Consumers’ Hypermarket Patronage Intentions

216 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The increasing saturation of retail markets in developed countries and the resulting fierce competition within their borders pushes global retailers to seek overseas markets. A comparison of different retailers' responses to different environment points to some effective implications for global retailers. Most COO studies have been conducted with respect to physical products, whereas research on the COO effect for services is very limited. Therefore, exploring the effect of COO of a retailer on the patronage intention and further understanding the difference of COO effect on retail patronage behavior between different cultures is of great significance to understand the determinants of retailers’ loyal patronage behavior. This book firstly explores the experiences and lessons learned from global retailers' operations in East Asian countries followed by discussing the cross-cultural effect of country image on consumers’ hypermarket store patronage intentions. The research findings...
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