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Relationship-Based Marketing Model in Agribusiness   Muchlis Ahmady,Ujang Sumarwan and Budi Suharjo

Relationship-Based Marketing Model in Agribusiness

168 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Indonesia's agricultural sector remains the backbone of the production of foodstuffs and industrial raw materials and labor absorption, the relationship between the actors is running inefficiently, where unequal bargaining power and the impact on the trade-off is not fair. This condition has lasted a long time, like not going to end. Basis in the development of this research model using the model in the case of Morgan and Hunt's relationship-based marketing, which is then developed to get an idea of the relationship between the factors that connect actors agribusiness above. The findings indicate that the pattern of linkages that occur in agribusiness not only based on the purchase and sale transactions alone, in which aspects of the financial advantage to be the main objective, but also involves a psychological aspect, which transform some aspect of your financial goals into a more emotional and social. Here we can see that any of the existing trust and commitment, the influence of...
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