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Effectiveness of Bank Advertisements in Attracting customers   Gladness Kaseka

Effectiveness of Bank Advertisements in Attracting customers

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Advertisement is one among the Promotion mix tool. It is a non personal and paid form of communication such as Television,Radio,Brochures/fliers and Billboards, with the aim of attracting, reminding and convincing customers to buy products/services (Kottler & Armstrong,1997). In Tanzania, most Banks are investing a lot on advertisement as one of the strategy to attract more customers. The author has tried to highlight on the effectiveness of those advertisements (that is, media and strategies used), through a case study analysis of one of the Banks. This was made possible through assessment of the level of customer's awareness about the Bank advertisement, advertisement strategies and guidelines used by the Bank, the challenges that customers and Bank face in advertisement and the suggestions on what is to be done by the Bank to ensure a continuous attraction of customers.
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