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The Power of Sound in Destination Image Formation   Jasper Strik

The Power of Sound in Destination Image Formation

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Why do we go on holiday? Is it just to put our bodies into the sunshine, or occupy our muscles while hiking? No, the tourism product is mainly a psychological product which satisfies the need for tourists to consume images and experiences. Images which have evolved and shaped through time by all the senses involved. However, one could wonder if music and sounds have more value than it seems and if it is acknowledged rightfully. This book discusses the various phases through which tourists go when their image is formed, creating the need to consume these experiences. It discusses what the influence of sound and music is on this image formation process and how it affects the tourists. To put understanding the process into practice, this book describes advantages, pitfalls and advise for implementation. Understanding its value clarifies how to make it useful in marketing and destination management, or for anyone who is connected to the phases of the image formation process of...
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