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Advertisement Mis-Readings The Reading Gaol or Opera Aperta?   Elena-Mirona Ciocirlie

Advertisement Mis-Readings The Reading Gaol or Opera Aperta?

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Advertisement Mis-Readings: The Reading Gaol or Opera Aperta?" is a book about advertising and the technologies of writing and reading an advertisement in order to promote a product for certain and various categories of buyers. Advertisements inform the market and the buyers about hidden or surprise features of the products, addressing their type of needs, their buying and use of the goods and services provided by the products in themselves and the advertising as a product. This book is furthermore about what the advertising is saying in the society, on some social issues raised by the ad talk. In this way, this is a book about the society and the entire world because of how the advertisers know the people, their word games and their purchase or merchant games and how they engage in these games to communicate with brands, goods and markets in the many discourses of Man. Then it becomes a study about the audience response of the consumers to such discourses and social gossip, and...
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