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Sales Strategy of SMEs in Emerging Market   Kveng Hong Kao

Sales Strategy of SMEs in Emerging Market

264 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The SMEs have been confronting with the sales problems like competition with imported products, smuggled products, dominance of wholesalers, fluctuation of exchange rates, poor quality products due to the use of outdated technology and unskilled labor, high cost of production, expensive advertising cost, etc. The SMEs in Emerging Market, more particularly in Cambodia, compete with each other, and use different sales strategies to increase their sales. This book, therefore, provides the new key success of SMEs, Problem solving and Key strategy for developing the SMEs in Emerging Market. The highlights should cover the sample SMEs and their sales strategies, makes the comparative analysis between SMEs with regard to their sales strategies, provides the factors influencing sales performance of SMEs, and sales strategy used by the SMEs to solve the sales problems. The analysis should provide the benefits to the investors of SMEs, ventures or private sectors with ailing business, the...
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