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Chinese consumers and organic food   Wen Pan Nees

Chinese consumers and organic food

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The demand of organic food in the global market increased significantly. The major demand is still from the Europe and the US, however, China is considered as the great potential market for organic food based on the fact that both supply and demand of organic food in China has been increased dramatically. Throughout this book, it is aiming to find the factors lying behind urban middle class Chinese consumers'' buying behavior with regard to organic food. The analysis has been carried out in order to discuss the main drivers and barriers for Chinese consumers to buy organic food. By doing this, it is also expected to be used to explain the reasons behind choosing organic food in the Chinese market including the gap between expressed consumer preferences and actual market shares. Based on the findings in this book, the recommendations are given for China''s politics, agriculture, food industry as well as the Chinese retail to further develop and expand organic food market in China.
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