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Get in the Game   Troels Rodkj?r and Michael Tastesen

Get in the Game

132 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As video games have become more popular as a medium, their viability as an advertising platform has increased, not least as a result of their ability to reach vast and very specific audiences with prolonged and repeated exposure of the messages. While many successful examples of in-game advertising and product placement have been achieved, the authors of this book felt that this field had not been explored adequately, and that a more structured approach would be beneficial to both game developers and advertisers. Through a survey of existing academic research, focus group interviews and netnography studies, the authors sought knowledge with which to develop a model to consistently develop successful in-game advertising, which can be found in this book. The findings within this book will have value for video game developers, advertising and marketing professionals, students of either field, and people with an interest in either subject.
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