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Customer Perceived value in Automobile Industry   Rajesh Kumar Sahu

Customer Perceived value in Automobile Industry

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Thanks ALL for giving me opportunity to share my view about my research. This book covers the areas of fundamentals of Marketing and its applications in Automobile industries. Technological change is today central to the theory of economic growth. It is recognized as an important driver of productivity growth and the emergence of new products from which consumers derive welfare. Automobile industry in India has huge potentials thanks to the growth of the middle class along with their overall economic growth. This is the reason of attraction for international brands who are trying hard to find new market for their products due to stagnated growth of auto sector in Europe, US, and Japan. This book is suitable as a reference for Management students, educators, researchers, engineers, Automobile Industries , Automobile dealers & sales person. It will also be a useful for the understanding of Marketing fundamentals, design and applications. My conclusion that after my All...
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