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Communication and strategy for Marketing Life Insurance   Nicholas Oppong Mensah

Communication and strategy for Marketing Life Insurance

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This publication advances knowledge on the use of communication as a strategic resource for life Insurance marketing in developing countries. It presents a case for the adoption of innovative techniques in the choice of: channels, contents, mediums, materials, methods, dialects, dielectrics,and humans to appeal to various customers. This scholarly work which has six robust chapters adopts a case study strategy using Kotler and Keller communication planning model with slight modification by the author as a framework to extend knowledge in marketing communications. This was done to equip practitioners and academicians with sound principles for planning Marketing Communication in the life insurance industry for sustainable development and its concomitant positive spill over effect in GDP growth. In conclusion, this publication gives credence to the notion that customers are becoming sophisticated and any communication technique that undermines customer intelligence in the form of...
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