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Customer Satisfaction   Linus Ivarsson,Alexander Nilsson and Torbjorn Rimfalt

Customer Satisfaction

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
More and more companies in the building sector are starting to realize the importance of using customer satisfaction as a tool to enhance their competitive advantage. Customer satisfaction brings several positive aspects to a company, which can contribute to a successful business. Primary data have been collected by conducting a randomly selected telephone survey. The analysis is based on statistical data generated from the survey. Central tendency values and multiple regression analysis makes it possible to explain which variables that affect customer satisfaction among Trivselhus customers. The outcome of the research signifies, that customer satisfaction among Trivselhus customers has not changed during the years that this research covers. There are several variables affecting customer satisfaction. These variables are included in different categories; Complaints, Expectations, Service Quality, Energy, Product Quality, and Image. There is not enough evidence to...
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