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Service quality at a military hospital   Ponce Kokou

Service quality at a military hospital

180 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research was about an assessment of services delivered by doctors and nurses at a military hospital. The conclusion of the research were as followed:In terms of the doctors’ services, patients felt a need for more privacy in terms of the confidentiality of their treatment, a need for more individual attention, a need to be heard, and to trust doctors. Therefore such needs could be addressed through improved compassion, communication and understanding of doctors during the diagnosis of the problem. In terms of the services delivered by nurses towards patients, the latter were of the opinion that there was a need for more individual attention from nurses. Such individual attention could include greater information sharing when a patient is treated, friendlier communication to install greater trust and respect. Such needs could be addressed through improved patience, compassion and understanding by nurses during their dealings with patients. Nurses should also develop more work...
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