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Consumer Behavior of Male and Female Fans towards Women''s Football   Alan Stride

Consumer Behavior of Male and Female Fans towards Women''s Football

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The reputation of women''s football is changing. In England the sport is now officially the most popular amongst the female population and we have seen significant improvements to the women''s game after decades of stagnation and inadequate conditions for growth. This investigation in to the potential marketing opportunities for women''s football in England aims to give the reader an insight in to the factors preventing the sport becoming a viable business enterprise as well as revealing possible avenues to exploit and suggestions on how to gain much needed market share in a male dominated industry. The study uses established marketing concepts, and discussions on sociological issues, in order to rationalise how consumers of football behave. Research is then presented which tests the informed assumptions made by the author, with the overall objective of attempting to distinguish the differences in consumer behaviour of male and female football fans towards the Women''s game. ...
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