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Consumer Attitudes toward the Marketing Practices   Dr. Gamal Sayed Abdelaziz

Consumer Attitudes toward the Marketing Practices

84 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Less relatively attention has been devoted to the consumerism issues in developing and least developed countries where consumerism is at an early stage of growth. Thus, this study comes to present a composite picture of consumers'' perceptions and attitudes toward the marketing practices in Egypt. The ICSM index which was developed by Gaski and Etzel (1986), is adopted as a measurement instrument to collect the data of this study. Overall, the research found that consumers carry negative attitudes towards the marketing practices of the Egyptian business firms. The findings also reveal on significant differences between the Egyptian and Arab consumers in terms of their attitudes toward marketing practices. The differences were found on both the aggregate level of ICSM, and the sub-scales (product, price, advertising, and selling) of which the index consists. Finally, the results indicate that the consumers'' attitudes toward marketing practices differ significantly according to their...
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