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Sponsorship On Marketing Communication Process   Seymur M. Guliyev

Sponsorship On Marketing Communication Process

52 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Sponsorship is one of the elements of marketing communications tools within broader context of the marketing mix. The use of sponsorship by companies or organizations is increasing in contemporary world. Sponsorship must not be confused with corporate giving, such as endorsement and patronage, charity activities, where the aims are philanthropic with the expected returns to be to society and not to the company itself. The aim of this thesis is therefore to provide a better understanding of sponsorship and its application as a marketing communication tool in Azerbaijan based company named The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, shortly SOCAR. So as to reach this aim, research questions focus on the objective, evaluation of effectiveness and selection process of educational sponsorship. Based on the research questions, a literature review was conducted. Author used a qualitative research with a case study. The interviews and documentations were used as primary and secondary data.
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