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Creating Value from Complaints   Omar Nasif Abdullah

Creating Value from Complaints

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains great insights for both the practitioners and the academicians. Complaint management has long been considered as an under-researched topic.However, the need for more rigorous research in this field has become urgent since the study of services marketing has got momentum during the last decade. The present study proposes a frame of reference for value creation from complaints that includes a holistic complaint management framework.The research uses the case study approach to investigate a service provider’s complaint management system. The book contains an extensive review of the service recovery and complaint management literatures. The present study uses both primary and secondary data. Improvised interviewing method was used to collect primary data which is discussed in the methodology chapter.The chapter also discusses the pros and cons of the case study research bringing valuable insight to the case study researchers. The analysis section offers the readers...
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