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The Practicability For a Diverse Revenue Source in Sports Marketing   Omeime Xerviar Esebamen

The Practicability For a Diverse Revenue Source in Sports Marketing

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The English Premiership, EPL has become much more than just a league to those that follow the game of football. It has become a way of life for these followers that it is arguably one of cult status because of its strong enduring appeal and elevation to worship by those who follow the game. With the ‘big four'' teams of the EPL carrying massive debt profile capable of fully industrializing some developing nations, with local fans groaning under the ever increasing cost of attending matches and buying replicas, and the growing demand to remain highly competitive, there is need for these clubs to look at a diverse source of revenue generation. The EPL, tagged "The Greatest Show on Earth" has an estimated half a billion followers from over 200 nations and with a fanbase of such magnitude, researching the feasibility of their foreign fans as the future and key to bigger money is highly welcomed. The analysis should give to those concerned (and even to sports marketing ...
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