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Shelfing- A Womanine Psyche   Ayesha Sikander

Shelfing- A Womanine Psyche

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The idea of product shelf placement in store is an emerging concept as placement of product is considered to be critical from retailer, manufacturer and consumer perspectives. However, some preliminary studies have been done regarding the impact of placement on sales of the product but so far there have been fewer studies regarding the ideal or prominent placement of product on shelves which also includes their location in-stores. This book would first describe meaning and importance of shelf space. The book through exploratory study would help to give a better idea from consumer’s perspective, and to see what they think about product shelf placement and location of shelves in stores. The basic objective was to find whether consumers psyche regarding the purchase intention and how it gets influenced by the in-store attractiveness especially the placement of product on shelf. This book explores response of Pakistani consumers regarding placement of products on shelf and its impact on...
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