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Market Research and Analysis of Apparel Industry in Germany   Divyanshu Singh

Market Research and Analysis of Apparel Industry in Germany

52 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Recent studies show that the apparel industry is very volatile in nature. The marketing strategies and approaches to reach the consumers, which worked “yesterday”, might be completely different or as we call outdated as of “today”. Changing styles of apparels, known as fashion or trend has evolved over time and would continue to. This requires the apparel industry entrepreneurs to walk hand-in-hand with the trend to fulfil the demands of their fashionable customers. The taste for apparels or clothing of the customers depends on many factors, namely country, culture, environment, purpose as well as age groups. My focus of research and current study deals with apparel market in Germany. The findings and survey made in my study would be the basis for developing marketing strategies for apparels in the German market. This would be one of the building blocks for my further project of establishing an apparel business in Germany.
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