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Exploaring and Predicting Attitude and Behaviour Towards Green Hotels   Natalia Lidovskikh

Exploaring and Predicting Attitude and Behaviour Towards Green Hotels

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With the increased awareness of environmental problems, the protection of natural environment has become an issue of high relevance. Businesses across all sectors start to implement practices and develop products in order to minimise environmental damage as a part of socially responsible strategies. Hospitality industry is not an exception. Consumers' changing behaviour and preferences towards environmentally friendly products and services has prompted numerous hotels to engage in green practices. These actions help them not only to decrease overall environmental damage, but also to create a competitive advantage and establish themselves in a niche for environmentally concerned consumers. The purpose of this work is two-fold: to explore individuals' attitude towards green practices in hotels and to identify whether attitude and social influence could be considered as predictors for the intention to visit hotels that implement eco-friendly practices. These analyses should be...
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