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Impact of Promotional Activities on Sale Volume of Pharmaceuticals   Muhammad Zahid Asif

Impact of Promotional Activities on Sale Volume of Pharmaceuticals

120 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Globally, The pharmaceutical industry is under severe inspection. Government agencies, special interest groups and the media was closely observing the activities of pharmaceutical industry. Opponents condemn pharmaceutical promotional activities as useless and excessive wastage of resources. However, supporters of pharmaceutical promotions justify that marketing expenditures gave innovative chance to recover high R,D expenditures. Furthermore, marketing might serve as a communication channel to educate health care professionals and expose patients to information that may help to improve their health and gave medical treatment options.Pharmaceutical Promotional activities are distinct from other kinds of selling. It requires specialized efforts by the pharmaceutical companies to carve a niche for themselves for better market share in the marketplace with a great number of players in the market. In pharmaceutical market with a clutter of products, it is virtually impossible for a doctor...
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