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  Elizabeth Kraus

Make Over Your Marketing, 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa: A guide for how-to make over every aspect of marketing in the salon and spa

298 страниц. 2011 год.
One of the few books of its kind, written specifically for salon and spa professionals, Make Over Your Marketing is a practical guide to changing the way that you understand “marketing” and to learn how to make your marketing work to build your client base, sell more retail, generate referrals organically, have more fun, and to build a bigger role for the salon and spa in the lives of clients. Each chapter provides the knowledge and tools to make over a specific aspect of salon and spa marketing. And each chapter is packed with page after page of unique ideas to help create compelling promotions, events and overall marketing in the salon and spa throughout the year. While it is written specifically with the salon or spa in mind, it can be utilized equally well by any personal care or service-oriented professional or business. This book will be a valuable source of inspiration, guidance and ideas for owners, managers and established industry professionals as well as for recent...
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