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Doing Business In China: How to Profit in the World's Fastest Growing Market   Ted Plafker

Doing Business In China: How to Profit in the World's Fastest Growing Market

304 страниц. 2008 год.
Business Plus
"Doing Business In China" offers the definitive user-friendly handbook of tips and insights on the top opportunities in China, currently the world's fastest growing market, from selling and marketing techniques to laws, rules & regulations, pitfalls to avoid and much more. Every day the financial news media discusses the business world's biggest story - China is emerging as the world's next great superpower. American businesses need to understand this emerging market and "Doing Business In China" provides the easy to follow advice vital to success in the 21st century. Sections in the book include: Pinpointing the Top Emerging Markets: An overview that every investor will want to read - promising sectors include agriculture, automotive, biotech, financial services, media, retail and more. Laws, Rules & Regulations: It's hard to imagine a more complicated legal landscape than China's, in which fast moving reforms make it tough for foreign business to keep pace. This section explains how...
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