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The Artist's Guide to Selling Work   Annabelle Ruston

The Artist's Guide to Selling Work

140x215 178 страниц. 2013 год.
From pricing work, to using online marketplaces, to printing quality reproductions, this guide provides all the advice artists and craftspeople need to sell their work in today's competitive market. First published in 2005, this best-selling title has now been updated with essential advice on how to make full use of digital opportunities for selling your work, such as social networking and e-marketing. It contains information and suggestions about: Selecting and approaching galleries; Pricing and payments; Royalty rates and financial management; Sample contracts and other legal considerations; Creating a website and maximising hits; Mastering social media to increase your visibility; Managing sales via online stores such as Etsy, Folksy or ebay; Printing your own reproductions and marketing them. With a foreword by Mary Ann Rogers, one of Britain's most acclaimed watercolour painters and awarded 'Best Selling Published Artist' by the...
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