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Integrated Marketing Strategy for Eradicating Poverty   Iftekhar Mallick

Integrated Marketing Strategy for Eradicating Poverty

56 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
The urban informal sector of Bangladesh constitutes the majority of the urban poverty of the country. The living standard of the dwellers is worst among that of all the sectors. This study attempts to describe why the situation is not improving as linearly as expected. It criticizes the applicability of popular strategic ideologies and verifies that- all of those seldom attempted to understand the different natures of urban poverty, came across the true needs of poor dwellers, assessed their daily life issues, and prescribed solutions accordingly. The study also shows that different government and non-government organizations have been producing good policy suggestions to overcome the hurdle, but due to problematic approaches only few are succeeding. Since its origin, integrated marketing has been an empirically proven strategy helping organizations achieve their goals. This study, in the manner of a theoretical analysis, shows the pathway how this strategy can play roles in...
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