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Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products in India   Darshana Dave

Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products in India

268 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The growth of Indian pharmaceutical industry from the time of independence has been spectacular and is a shining example of the country’s achievements in an area that is highly intensive in science and technology. The industry has achieved almost complete technological self-reliance. It is nearly self-sufficient in the area of bulk drugs and has developed skills to process the high quality formulations such as dispersible tablets, capsules including sustained release ones, gels, drops and IV fluids.After the WTO era industry witnessed several changes and passed through a transitory phase.This study has tried to answer two major issues ie.what should be industry’s response to the rapidly changing environment and how should industry gear itself to meet the new challenges and opportunities? The study has also focused on issues like self-medication and role of government in the growth of the industry.An attempt has been made to analyze the environment and recommend the strategies for ...
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