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Network marketing of tourism SMEs in a cross-cultural context   Eva-Maria Stormer

Network marketing of tourism SMEs in a cross-cultural context

132 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tourism SMEs are often the backbone of the tourismindustryand their marketing efforts have an impact on theperceived image of a destination. SME marketing istherefore important to the success of the companyitself, as well as destination competitiveness. Relationship- including network marketing appear tobe suitable marketing tools for tourism SMEs, whichoften operate internationally. Theresearch aim of this paper is therefore to find outwhether cultural differences play a role ininternational relational network marketing oftourism SMEs, in order to determine if, and how, theprocesses need to be adapted to different countries. In order to explore how cultural differencesinfluence networking and trust establishment,literature is reviewed and discussed with experts.Further, a case study is conducted on the network-and trust establishment of the NPO Sustainable TravelInternational in the USA and the UK. The interdisciplinary nature of this paper leads tothe results contributing to...
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