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Retail Customer Experience - An Indian Context   Shilpa Bagdare

Retail Customer Experience - An Indian Context

164 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Modern retailing is turning experiential for making the customers feel good. There is a paradigm shift from providing goods and services to creating and delivering a unique, superior, memorable and pleasurable experience to the retail customers. In the present era, customer experience has emerged as the key for differentiation and competitive advantage. Built around personalized and customized services, retailers are integrating cognitive and emotional clues for crafting joyful shopping experience for their target customers. This book presents an understanding of retail customer experience; its realities, constituents, complexities and relevance; and relationships among different variables governing this phenomenon to bring out pertinent implications for practitioners and researchers in the context of personal lifestyle retail stores in India. It draws important insights from both theory and practices for suggesting strategies to influence cognitive, emotional and behavioral...
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