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Consumer Preference for Foreign Products   Amir Ishaque

Consumer Preference for Foreign Products

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Understanding for consumer decision pattern and preferences is the priority of the companies so as to retain and win new customers in the current market. The focus of the present study is to investigate the factors affecting Pakistani consumers to prefer foreign products so as to contribute to the academic literature from the perspective of a developing Asian country, Pakistan. In order to examine the consumer’s demand, an in-depth review of the Pakistani economy was taken which present a clear picture for hurdles and difficulties faced by the local manufacturers to carry out business in Pakistan. The study also examines the effect of consumer ethnocentrism that is a barrier for the purchase of foreign products. Consumer preferences for durable and non durable products and the impact of demographics on the consumer's willingness to buy foreign products over local ones were analyzed by using survey data.
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