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Pakistan Stock Market Crash 2005   Abdul Karim

Pakistan Stock Market Crash 2005

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the recent past, the cries of stock market crash 2005 were not yet smoothen after the revival of stock market to some extent that the situation was again worsen and the market was again pulled down to such an extent that daily traders were left with nothing except bankruptcy. In order to meet with such type of alarming situation, this book demonstrates the manners and methods under which a stock market crash occurs especially with reference to Pakistan. A deep insight in the capitalization set up of the major companies is brought forward so that anyone who intends to enter the business should be aware of these realities which are prevailing in the different scrips. The study would be helpful for the business class as well as the executive class or anyone else for the purpose of gaining profits and avoiding monetary losses while conducting trade in the stock market or somewhere else. It may be helpful for researchers in advance studies as having a foundation in it.
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