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Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry   Borareaksmey Long

Relationship Marketing in the Banking Industry

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
After few-decade absence being as a main financial pillar due to the prolonged past civil war, nowadays the banking system in Cambodia has dramatically drawn back public attention as well as trust and that is the reasons why the banking environment has been enhanced significantly. Basically, this book focuses strongly on the customer relationship programmes believed to be the core banking business strategy. In essence, it is obvious that ANZ Royal Bank has been the origin of the problem and the main interest of the research regarding its fabulous achievements as well as its relationship programmes implemented in place. The research is conducted through in-depth interviews with some selective key people in the Bank plus the secondary data refined from Company''s annual reports, textbooks, journals and business magazines. The research''s framework and its analysis should be a light for practitioners wishing to deepen their understanding on the relationship concepts...
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