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Customer Loyalty on Commercial Banks in Albania   Xhensila Abazi

Customer Loyalty on Commercial Banks in Albania

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty are main topics each every business operates now days. In order to survive and further advance in a fast technological and dynamic environment special attention should be paid to the customer as well as to human resources. Currently in Albania, the banking branch of the financial system is one of the most accomplished sectors with regard to the adaption of contemporary marketing practices. This branch grew at a fast dynamic pace from the initial efforts days to establish the Central Bank until the later days, when a well-defined program of further developing this system exists. The most dynamic period, offering a wide variety of developments and opportunities started in 1992, and it coincides with the first and most important financial and monetary reforms, Albania’s memberships in International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the 1997 pyramidal schemes turmoil, and the denationalization of banks. The main objective of this book is measuring...
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