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Traceability of Milk at a Swedish Dairy   Carl Hojman and Ross Johnson

Traceability of Milk at a Swedish Dairy

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With a growing complexity of food supply chains, consumers are today concerned with being distanced from the actual origin of the food they buy and eat. This thesis explores the potential of traceability of regionally produced milk in regaining trust from consumers and adding value to the products. The medium-sized Swedish dairy Skanemejerier has developed a patent pending technology with which milk cartons can be traced through their website and mobile application. On commission by Skanemejerier, this thesis sets out to find the value proposition in the novel technology - how to improve it and to find opportunities for its commercialization. A customer survey, website interface analysis, several qualitative interviews and literature on food traceability constitute the major inputs of data. A number of practical opportunities for how to improve the offering are presented, together with several more strategic approaches on expanding the offering into business models. This book was...
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