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Role of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives in Reducing Rural Poverty   Alemu Tereda Nisrane

Role of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives in Reducing Rural Poverty

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today’s new era of thinking, cooperative sector has become tremendous role player in poverty reduction. This book examines the role of cooperatives in rural socioeconomic development by emphasizing on two agricultural marketing cooperative unions as a case analysis. In order to scrutinize the role of the sector the book is organized in four chapters. The first chapter is the introductory part which elucidates background, rationale, objective, scope, significance, methodology and limitations of the study. The second chapter is a review of related literature which lays down the theoretical and empirical basis for the study. The third chapter presents a detailed analysis and discussion on different aspects of cooperatives’ roles with briefing on major findings. And finally, the fourth chapter portrays the conclusion and forwarded recommendations.
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