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Study Of Consumer Behaviour Towards Reliance Trends   . Nakul R. and . Mohan Kumar T. P.

Study Of Consumer Behaviour Towards Reliance Trends

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The retailers operate in a terminal markets by providing a valuable service to the consumers. For producers,retailers are like an extended arm for delivering the products and services. This study gain insights on customers perception about Reliance Trends as to what they like and what they do not like about the retail brand. There is a lot of competition in the retail sector; therefore the research will establish the level of customer awareness about Reliance Trends store.The study reveals that,various retail stores mushroom the market and so the success of the retailers depends on attracting customers and providing good shopping experiences.They are numerous apparel stores and brands for the customers to make their shopping and choices;these include both national and international retailers.Multitude of factors and reasons influence customers to make their shopping choices at various given apparel retailers.Shopping in India has witnessed a revolution with the change in the...
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