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Relationship Marketing In Focus   Elbert Bryan Vidal

Relationship Marketing In Focus

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
So much has been written about relationship marketing. And through the years, experts have cited multivariate models that tried to explain the concept and shed more light to it. What has been consistently agreed on is that relationship marketing's desired outcomes are to increase customer loyalty and word of mouth engagement. This is universally known in the marketing world as "relational outcomes". Through a vast and extensive research of businesses across different industries, this book has found out that there are certain things that business establishments need to give customers for them to exact the desired relational outcomes. The results of this industry analysis can be quite useful for assembling the right marketing mix and service quality strategies of companies. Ultimately, this book aims to help business's understand more about relationship marketing and give them ideas on how they can optimize relational outcomes.
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