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Effects of Advertising on Consumers In India   Jayakrishna Mandalapu and M J Akhil

Effects of Advertising on Consumers In India

252 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With accelerating Globalization of the World economy, Global advertising and branding is rapidly growing wherein a small number of agencies developing strategies, styles and content for exports across the World. Prior to Globalization, advertising was undertaken to reach the consumers either for market entry or to retain the existing market share. As two-thirds of 1.21 billion populations are middle class in India and considered as potential consumers, the domestic as well international producers are now increasingly relying on advertising for sales promotion. This book, therefore, provides proximate factors affecting durable and non-durable product, advertising reach and their impact on consumer's opinion and attitudes. The study suggests primary, secondary and reminding media so as to reach the targeted consumers and address their misconceptions about the durable and non-durable products. The findings are, therefore, very much useful for national and ...
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