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It's a jungle out there   Ketil Skotte

It's a jungle out there

88 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ongoing financial crisis has affected people and companies alike, and the restaurant industry is no different. Born from the restaurant owners’ fear of dwindling turnover, several different online discount concepts, led by Groupon and an army of “deal of the day” sites, have emerged. While many restaurant owners have embraced the promotion value these concepts represent, it seems that just as many have criticised them and accused the discount concepts of cannibalising the industry. Furthermore, the many different concepts and companies battling over the consumers’ wallets make it extremely difficult for the restaurant owners to know which type of concept is best suited for their needs – or whether collaborating with one is even the best solution for them. It is therefore the goal of this book to map the different concepts and companies, and analyse them and their offerings in order to be able to guide restaurant owners in Copenhagen to make the best decisions for their businesses.
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