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''Online Shopping'' Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Norway   Pervaiz Ali

''Online Shopping'' Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Norway

84 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the past decade,there has been a dramatic change in the way consumers have altered their way of shopping. Online shopping is popular now. wherein customer is able to compare the price quoted by different suppliers and choose the best deal from it. Internet marketing is conceptually different from other marketing channels and internet promotes a one to one communication between the seller and the end user with round the clock customer service. It is very important for businesses to understand the customer satisfaction and loyalty because some the customer satisfaction and loyalty are two required things for the well being, profit and long term growth of the firms.In case of Norway, e-commerce has grown tremendously in the recent years. The results of the survey reveal that while a good percentage of Norwegians are satisfied with online shopping only less than half of them stay loyal to their online sellers. The customers will be loyal and can be retained only when...
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