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Managing Redundancy   Michele Carluccio

Managing Redundancy

152 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the social media landscape all Internet users are able to create and publish their content widely on non-commercial terms. In the absence of traditional media publishing chain's selectivity, a great supply of creative content is available. With this informational boom has also come a rise in the need for overcoming noise. The selection of which content works and which content does not is done by the users themselves, namely through recommending and rating, leading some creators to fame and recognition. These most viewed members of social media have successfully demonstrated a market for their creative work in their capacity to magnetize the attention of crowds. This book, therefore, shows how physiological social media's filtering mechanisms facilitate the discovery of new talents, determining admission of ‘prosumers' (amateurs) to the field of cultural production as ‘artists' (professional symbol creators). The analysis should be especially useful to professionals in creative...
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