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The Missing Dimension in International Marketing Strategy   Faustino Taderera

The Missing Dimension in International Marketing Strategy

244 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book deals with the intricacies of international marketing and covers other unique topics not normally covered in international marketing but which are now a necessity because of the complexity of the modern market place. The book also aims to:- § Bring the reality of the critical importance of international marketing in nation building and international business excellence. The book also discusses the new and increasingly important topic of national branding. Nations and MNCs have realized that without national branding countries cannot realize international business excellence. § Give international marketing strategists and practitioners, researchers and college/university students new ideas on strategic marketing at international level. § The strategically important issues of strategic planning, TQM, corruption, ethics, corporate governance, export plans, social responsibility and innovation are also covered comprehensively as well as the effects of forged and fake...
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